Announcement: Miriam Greis talk on December 1, 2015

The Adventures of Pursuing a PhD in Human Computer Interaction

Miriam Greis

Tuesday, 12/1/2015, 11:10
Kingsbury S320

Abstract. Miriam will talk about her experiences as a female PhD student in Human Computer Interaction. She will provide you with details of a PhD student life in Germany, about the things she enjoys being a PhD student (and probably the things she doesn’t enjoy that much), and about how going abroad to the UK and the US influenced her studies and her research.

Miriam will also talk a little bit about her research topic, which is uncertain data in Human Computer Interaction, focusing on the following questions: – What does uncertainty mean? – Do we have to deal with uncertainty in our everyday life? – What are the problems of applications and interfaces displaying uncertain data? – What input and output modalities can we use for uncertain data to overcome the problems?

Bio. Miriam Greis studied Software Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. During her time as student, she worked as a teaching and student assistant in different areas and spent four months in Lancaster, UK, as an intern at a British Company developing software for mobile workforces. After finishing her diploma (German equivalent of a master degree), Miriam started to work on her PhD and is now a second year PhD student at the Human Computer Interaction group of Albrecht Schmidt in Stuttgart, Germany. Her research interest lies in the visualization and interaction with uncertain data. In the context of the simulation technology cluster in Stuttgart, she is working on making uncertain simulation results understandable for everyone. Her work does not only focus on the output of uncertain data, but also includes working on input methods for uncertain data. To broaden her research perspective, Miriam is currently visiting the Living Mobile group at the MIT Media Lab.